Cost Share Program       

This popular grant program began in 2002 as a way to assist Albany County residents with conservation projects at home, on their land and in the community. It awards applicants with approved projects up to a 50% match of project costs. Two types of Cost Share requests are   available depending on the size and scope of the project. 

Regular Cost Share

his program is available to all residents, businesses and non-profits in Albany County. The program's objectives are to provide incentives for residents to conserve soil and water and to beautify the landscape along public corridors. The maximum matching amount for a regular cost share is $1000 on a $2000+ project.

Examples of eligible projects:

  • Installation of Living Snow Fence or Windbreak

  • Drip system installation for trees and shrubs

  • Xeriscaping to replace traditional lawn with native dry climate species of vegetation

  • Fences erected to conceal personal junk-yards

  • Construction of raised garden beds for vegetables

  • Education and outreach

For complete guidelines and information, download the Regular Cost Share Application

Rural Cost Share

This program is intended to assist landowners and cooperators who don't meet qualifying criteria for federal or state programs (not enough acreage, not a full time operation, etc.). Eligible projects may be implemented on private land as well as adjacent public lands with grazing rights. The maximum matching amount for a rural cost share is $5000 on a $10,000+ project. 

Examples of eligible projects: 

  • Solar stock pumps to improve livestock distribution in remote areas

  • Fencing riparian areas to reduce impacts of livestock grazing

  • Fencing for implementing rotational grazing systems on small acreage pastures

  • Stream bank restoration

For complete guidelines and information, download the Rural Cost Share Application

Analysis Cost Share

This program provides incentive for residents to understand their natural resources by cost sharing on expenses for tests at recognized analytical labs. The maximum matching amount for a analysis cost share is up to $500. 

Examples of eligible projects:

  • Soil testing for gardens or crops

  • Potable water tests

  • Trace minerals in water

  • Irrigation/livestock water testing

  • Forage testing

or complete guidelines and information, download the Soil, Water, and Plant Analysis Cost Share Application