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Wyoming Toad Reintroduction Q&A

WHEN: October 12
WHERE: 5015 Stone Rd. (SE corner of HWY 287 & Howe Rd) 
TIME: 4pm to 7pm

The Laramie Rivers Conservation District has been involved in a Wyoming Toad (endangered species) reintroduction project at various locations in Albany County since 2004.  Our role is as an intermediary between the volunteer landowner and the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in the "Safe Harbor Program".  Since 2005, over 100,000 tadpoles and toads (mostly tadpoles) have been released on volunteers' private lands and there have been no conflicts with adjacent private landowners at these sites.

 This year, the historic Wyoming Central Land and Improvement Company has enrolled 41 acres (north of Curtis Street and along the north side of the Laramie River) in the Safe Harbor Program and has asked to have toads to be released on their property in 2017. This agreement has been approved by the LRCD Board of Supervisors and the Fish and Wildlife Service office in Cheyenne.

 The Laramie Rivers Conservation District is involved in this process because we are a conservation agency rooted in agriculture and private lands management.  We realize that any endangered species recovery effort must involve the voluntary cooperation of private landowners.  This site on the north edge of Laramie is important because it is one of the last places Wyoming Toads were found before they were declared extinct in the wild in the 1980s. We believe that if recovery efforts are to be successful, these releases should occur in its "historic range".

The Fish and Wildlife Service has given us assurances (see attached letter) that neighbors are under no obligation to participate in any way or to grant anyone access to their land. Given our past 11 years of successfully working with the FWS, we are confident in these assurances and in the FWS' s consideration for landowners.

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