Martin Curry Trish Penny Laura McGinley Tony Hoch

Martin Curry Trish Penny Laura McGinley Tony Hoch

Laramie Rivers Conservation District staff

Tony Hoch - Director

Trish Penny - Conservation Education Coordinator

Martin Curry - Resource Specialist/Bookkeeper

Laura McGinley - District Clerk/Communication Specialist

Laramie rivers conservation district - Board of Supervisors

Ruth Shepherd - Board Chair - Urban Supervisor
Ruth is the Study Abroad Coordinator/Student Exchange Advisor for UW International Program. She believes that water conservation is one of the most important issues facing this region and believes LRCD can play a string role in education residents about the many water supply and planning challenges we are facing

Bob Shine - Vice Chair - At large Supervisor
*New bio coming soon

Larry Munn - Rural Supervisor
Is a Professor Emeritus of Soil Science of the University o Wyoming. Larry sees LRCD playing an important educational role in the community and believes it is vital to assist youth and young adults with Ag production and living on small acreage plots in Albany County.

Carol Price - Secretary/Treasurer - Rural Supervisor
Carol works on her family ranch. She believes that the LRCD can play an important role in educating individuals of all ages about the importance of a resilient environment.

Orville Johnson - Rural Supervisor
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