LRCD Assists with Watershed Study for Upper Laramie River

In support of local efforts to identify potential conflicts and solutions to water related issues, Anderson Consulting Engineers, Inc. was contracted by the Wyoming Water Development Commission to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the watershed and its water resources in the Upper Laramie River watershed.  The purpose of the study is to identify water supply needs and to develop a watershed management plan that identifies problem areas within the watershed and to provide practical economic solutions.

The watershed study is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary evaluation of existing conditions. Specific tasks included in this effort are listed below.

  • Facilitate consensus building among the Advisory Committee, the Conservation District, landowners and the Wyoming Water Development Commission.
  • Facilitate public participation.
  • Conduct an evaluation and description of the Upper Laramie River watershed, including quantity and quality of surface water resources, and riparian/upland conditions.
  • Conduct a geomorphic investigation of the primary channels within the watershed and identify potential mitigation measures to improve impaired channel reaches.
  • Conduct an irrigation system inventory and develop a rehabilitation plan for those ditches expressing an interest to participate.
  • Conduct an evaluation of water storage needs and opportunities to augment water available for livestock and wildlife.
  • Develop a watershed management plan that identifies problem areas within the watershed and proposes practical economic solutions.
  • Identify permits easements and clearances necessary for plan implementation.
  • Develop cost estimates for improvements.
  • Complete an economic Analysis and evaluate alternative sources of funding

When the project is completed, you may be eligible to receive funding through the Wyoming Water Development Commission's Small Water Project Program.

As part of the watershed study, you can have a member of the Project Team visit your property to discuss possible projects such as

  • irrigation infrastructure
  • spring developments
  • pipeline / stock tank construction
  • well construction
  • solar platforms
  • stream channel rehabilitation

For more information about Watershed Studies follow this link to Anderson Consulting Engineers, Inc.