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LRCD offers a cost-share program on Living Snow Fence plantings which take place every Spring.

Living Snow Fences are often used to conserve energy by providing protection from the wind, increase wildlife habitat, and manage snow drifts. LRCD assists landowners with designing, installing and maintaining living snow fences and windbreaks. 

LRCD is willing to cost-share 50% of the total costs (up to a $2,000 project) on planting the Living Snow Fences on eligible applications approved by the Board. Apart from financial assistance, the District also offers technical assistance on general maintenance, watering schedules, weed control, and handling pest or disease damage to trees and shrubs.

Interested in helping LRCD plant trees in May? We are always  looking for volunteers.

For general inquiries on the cost share program or other technical assistance requests, please call Holly at 307-223-3270 OR send her an email:


Download the most current application here:
FY22_23 LSF CS application_17Feb2022.docx


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 Living snow fences and windbreaks provide many benefits for Albany County landowners. These living barriers consist of a linear planting of multiple rows of trees and shrubs and can protect roads from drifting snow, provide wildlife habit, provide winter protection for livestock, and improve landscape aesthetics and can capture up to 12X more snow than a slatted wooden fence and are much cheaper to install. 

For more information on recommended trees for the Laramie area, check out this list!




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