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Tree & Shrub Resources

May contain: tree, plant, fir, abies, and conifer
Albany County is a very unique environment to grow trees and shrubs.

Given the harsh winds and arid climate, growing trees to their fullest potential can be difficult in Wyoming.  However, with recommended Best Management Practices, or BMPs, staff at LRCD can work to provide advice and technical assistance that will help sustain the longevity of trees and shrubs over time.

Our resource Specialist, Holly, can help verify your best choices for most trees and shrubs based on your location and a comprehensive soil survey.  Before you make that big spring tree order, give Holly a call to go over your best options for growing trees in Albany County: 307-223-3270


Be sure to check out some of these helpful resources too:


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Got Windburn???

If your evergreens are looking like the photos below, predominantly on the windward side, you're trees are probably experiencing some windburn, or "winterburn".

The office has bottles of TransFilm® available for purchase.  TransFilm® is an anti-transpirant that you can spray on your evergrees twice a year to help protect against loss of moisture due to severe winds.  Pints are $8/each plus sales tax.  We also provide customers with access to our district backpack sprayers as well. 

Help your evergreens out a little through this next winter.  Swing by and grab some TransFilm® today!  We are located at 5015 Stone Rd, just south of Laramie off HW287.

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