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LRCD offers a rural cost-share program for Albany County producers and landowners!

Got a project in mind? Here's generally how our process works: 

  1. Reach out to us and schedule an in-person site visit to discuss your project goals with staff. Staff take before photos and get GPS points as needed during this initial site visit. 
  2. Submit an application (linked below) for the LRCD Board of Supervisors consideration
  3. All applications are reviewed and voted on at the monthly Board meetings (typically held every 3rd Wednesday)
  4. Receive notice of the Board's decision after the Board meeting
  5. Applicant begins project construction and saves all receipts
  6. Applicant notifies LRCD of completed project, submits all receipts of approved project expenses, schedules final site visit with LRCD staff.
  7. LRCD reviews submitted receipts and reimburses landowner for 50% of the approved expenses (sales tax not included), up to the approved amount on initial application. Reimbursements are sent via check in the mail. The maximum amount LRCD can reimburse a landowner is $7,500 per project, per year.
Satellite view of a landscape with vegetation, possible settlements (yellow dots), outlined regions possibly for data analysis.
Location of past completed Rural Cost Share Projects in Albany County.


Past Projects Include: 

  • Repairing/installing irrigation infrastructure
  • Replacing/installing cross fencing for rotational grazing management
  • Wildlife-friendly fence conversions
  • Stock tank renovations or installations
  • Spring development
  • Windbreak installation for livestock feed efficiency and protection
  • Riparian habitat protection via upland water development for livestock
  • Tackling invasives
  • Energy conservation


For general inquiries on the cost share program or other technical assistance requests, please call Holly at 307-223-3270 OR send her an email:


Download the most current application here:
FY22_23 Rural CS application_28Dec2022.docx


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