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Our Mission to Albany County

Since 1945, Laramie Rivers Conservation District, has served the residents of Albany County, Wyoming through programs and partnerships designed to assist both rural and urban landowners conserve our most natural resources.


It is the mission of Laramie Rivers Conservation District to provide leadership for the conservation of Albany County's soil and water and all other natural resources; preserve and enhance wildlife habitat; protect the tax base; and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Albany county through responsible conservation ethics.


LRCD advertisement circa 1967


Every person is a conservationist. Each individual instinctively seeks to preserve and improve their life and enhance the environment that supports it.
Conservation is not saving for the sole purpose of saving. Only misers do that. True conservationist are dedicated to actions that contribute to the wise use of soil, water, forests, grass, and wildlife. Their cardinal concern is that mankind have the use and enjoyment of these resources today and for all time to come.
Laramie Rivers Newsletter, February 1962


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