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LRCD Partnered Projects


May contain: water, nature, outdoors, and land
Laramie River at Optimist Park


Between 2009-2012 LRCD took on restoration of a 4 mile section of the Laramie River that offers many recreation opportunities in a variety of river and wetland ecosystems known as the Greenbelt Trail. This community assisted project added stability and diversity to the river system through the use of wood, rocks and vegetation. Large root wads were used along the stream banks to combat erosion and provide habitat for fish. The area is home to many species of animals, birds, fish, and insects. Information signs along the trail help identify the wildlife in the area.

May contain: soil and archaeology
Photo Credit: "Doc" Thissen

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The "old ruins on North Cedar" existed as a place of intrigue as well as an eyesore for decades. Built in 1921 it was one of the most modern and efficient refineries at the time but closed it's doors in 1932 only to function as a temporary home to a handful of business from a Yttrium Plant to an auto shop over the next 80 years. LRCD acquired the property in 2011 and began the clean up process. Some important milestones along the way:

  • 2011- LRCD purchased the 5.6 acre property.
  • 2012 - fence installed to secure property and prevent further dumping of junk. Clean-up started with assistance of Wyoming Conservation Corps students. Dozens of truckloads of trash and hundreds of tires were hauled away. Entered the property in the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality's Volunteer Remediation Program and were also awarded an EPA Targeted Brownfield assessment grant.
  • 2013 - working with the City of Laramie, LRCD received a $330,000 Community Development Block Grant from the Wyoming Business Council that paid for the demolition of the structures on the North half of the property.
  • 2014- Stonehouse, Inc undertakes the demolition of structures and removal of debris on the North half of the property.
  • 2015 - Received $200,000 Brownfield Program remediation grant.
  • 2015 - WYDOT to purchase the south half of property for the construction of the new viaduct.
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