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LRCD also has funding available for soil, forage, and rural water well testing analyses for Albany County residents!

Did you know LRCD reccommends that all landowners should test their well water every 3-5 years to ensure quality? Water quality can change due to environmental conditions, varying depth, or other factors. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the quality of your well water by submitting a sample to a lab and reviewing the results. 

WY Dept of Agriculture helps provide water quality testing and analyses. Visit their site here for more info.

LRCD does NOT collect or submit water, soil, or forage samples on behalf of private landowners; however, LRCD can reimburse you for 50% of the costs  on approved projects  AND staff can help explain test results. 

Check out this Water Quality Interpretation Tool to better understand your water quality laboratory results.

Our Analysis Cost Share application (linked below) is for all forage (hay or other crops), soil, or water testing requests.

For general inquiries on the cost share program or other technical assistance requests, please call Holly at 307-223-3270 OR send her an email:


 Download the most current application here:
FY22_23 Analysis CS application_17Feb2022.docx


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